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Three Year Old Preschool

2 day a week program on Tuesday and Thursday

9:00- 11:30am

Children must be 3 years old by December 1, 2021


Little Lamb believes in play-based learning. Our classroom is an open friendly environment where children are free to explore and engage in a variety of activities. Toys and materials are rotated often based on our theme or student interests. There are two teachers every day, with parent volunteers on a regular basis.

Special Guests are brought into the classroom including the Buffalo Zoo Trunk, Tift Nature Programs, a visit from the police, fire department, and dentist.  Walking trips to the Giving Garden and Hamburg Library as well as some driving field trips are regularly offered.  Activities for the day include:


Circle Time- We greet each other with a song and a prayer and discuss our school themes. All children have the chance to be the Special Helper and help the teacher go over the letter of the week, numbers, shapes, colors.  Movement and finger plays are used to keep children moving and engaged.

Free Play-children can choose to play at one of our various child led centers including library, blocks, climbing box, dramatic play, puzzles, sensory table, art table, easels, or small toy area

Individual or small group instruction- Teachers work with the children on special projects, literacy, math, and science activities

Bathroom and hand washing

Large group learning and music- Children sing, play instruments, and learn rhythms, among other group activities.

Snack Time- Children say a prayer before eating and enjoy socializing with one another and teachers. Children are encouraged to try new foods.

Story time- A teacher or special guest read to the children daily

Large Motor Play- We make use of our beautiful playground which is fully enclosed and designed for children ages 2-5.  On days we can't make it outside we go to our "running room" for group games and activities that move our bodies.

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