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Little Lamb believes in play-based learning. Our classrooms are bright and inviting where children are free to explore a variety of activities. Our teachers are experienced, nurturing, early childhood professionals that create engaging, developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Toys and materials are rotated often based on theme and/or student interests.  

​2-Year-Old Co-Op Playgroup

Twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday


Children must be 2 years old by September 15, 2024

A teacher plus one parent or caregiver of an enrolled child supervises the children.

*To maintain a ratio of approximately one adult to four children, parents must agree to co-op for as many days as necessary. Those co-oping in the 2-year-old classroom must submit to a criminal background check through Hamburg United Methodist Church.**

Multi Age Preschool
Children attend 2 or 4 days a week depending on their age Monday- Thursday from 9-11:30am

To attend two days a week children must be 3 years old by December 1, 2024

To attend four days a week children must be 3 years old by March 1, 2024

Two Teachers in the classroom with a 1:8 Teacher/Student ratio

The Multi-Age Advantage

Our Multi-age class supports little learners (ages 3-5) based on needs, abilities, and interests rather than age.  Benefits of a multi-age classroom are numerous for both the younger and older children in the classroom. 

  • Children develop and learn at their own pace: Our experienced teachers differentiate lessons and activities to provide a greater challenge or support as needed, focusing on each child as an individual learner and not just their age. 

  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities: Older children model more complex problem solving and critical thinking.  Younger children are able to develop these skills with the help of peer mentoring.  Older children benefit from the ability to lead younger children helping them to develop greater social/emotional skills. 

  • Academic Opportunities: Younger children learn through observation and imitation as older children work on more advanced concepts and skills.  Older children benefit from the opportunity to teach.  Teaching ingrains concepts.   

  • Strong Relationships: The classroom community is like a family with children being supported by each other and their teachers.  Older children benefit from multiple years in the same classroom with the same teachers, becoming more secure and confident in their learning environment as well as developing a strong bond with their teachers.  

Daily activities for all classes include:

Circle Time- Movement and finger plays are used to keep children moving and engaged.

Free Play-children can choose to play at one of our various child led centers including library, blocks, climbing box, dramatic play, puzzles, sensory table, art table, easels, or small toy area

Individual or small group instruction- Teachers work with the children on special projects, literacy, math, and science activities

Bathroom and hand washing

Large group learning and music- Children sing, play instruments, and learn rhythms, among other group activities.

Snack Time- Children say a prayer before eating and enjoy socializing with one another and teachers. Children are encouraged to try new foods.

Story time- A teacher or special guest read to the children daily

Large Motor Play- We make use of our beautiful playground which is fully enclosed and designed for children ages 2-5.  On days we can't make it outside we dance and play in our our classroom or go to our "running room" for group games and activities that move our bodies.


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